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The Seven-Question Test: Understanding Why You Have THAT Passion


Being a leader is something that many of us may never think about in our vocations outside the church. We hear of being leaders all of the time inside the church, but applying those leadership skills to our everyday lives isn’t always something that’s on our mind, simply because sometimes we don’t recognize the need to be a leader when we’re a cashier, waiter, or even a student. But there is always the need for a leader.

The women at Gateway church in Dallas, Texas are currently going through a leadership class that they call Wild. My church, Victory, has adapted and joined in this study of leadership for the high school seniors and college students to teach us how to be leaders, both inside the church and outside.

Recently we learned some of the specific qualities common amongst leaders, whether they be leaders in the church, political leaders, or anyone else that may be in a position of authority. One of the common qualities we discussed is passion.

In our class, all of the students were asked why we had a passion for what we wanted to do during or after college, and when we were asked on the spot, many of us drew a blank as our leader requested deeper answers than “Because I really like it!”. We weren’t really sure how to answer the “why?” behind our decisions, we just knew, somehow.


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