Coffee Cup Giveaway!

PURSUE Magazine‘s first issue, BECOME, which features an interview with model Tara Michelle Brose, releases April 15th! That’s exactly a week from today!

In case you are unaware, PURSUE Magazine is a magazine that encourages and inspires teen girls to make the most of their youth, and also features some helpful tips for those who are transitioning from high-school to college.


To celebrate this exciting release, I am giving away a coffee mug from our merch store! This coffee cup is my personal favorite, and is decorated with Pursue Magazine’s tagline “Embrace Your Uniqueness, Tap Into Your Potential, and Pursue the Impossible“, in addition to our logo and the URL to the website. It is 22 oz, so the perfect amount of coffee to get you going in the morning!

This giveaway will run from now (yay!) to the day that BECOME releases (April 15th!). Below is the link to enter, and I’d love it if you shared it and passed it on to your friends so that they too can know about Pursue!



Also, don’t forget that you can preorder the e-magazine for $1.99 on Amazon!


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