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How to Achieve Your Goals by Reaching Higher: An Example from King David


King David is known for many things in the Bible, but I personally admire him for his faith in God throughout his life. You’ve probably heard one of the many retold stories from his life, from the time he was anointed king, to his friendship with Jonathan, and yes, probably the most told story of them all, David and Goliath. I love reading about David because it seems that every time I read a story, one that I thought I knew like the back of my hand, I learn something new that can be applied to my life.


I was reading about David and Goliath, in 1 Samuel 17, again a few months ago and was puzzled by something that I just didn’t understand and couldn’t come up with a good guess for. My confusion stemmed from these questions, “If the story of David and Goliath is about David’s faith in God to defeat Goliath, then why did David select fivestones instead of only one? Did he think that he would miss four times before God drove the one stone into the giant? Did he have faith in the one, but just needed additional assurance in the four others hanging at his side?”


No matter how I tried to answer these questions, nothing seemed to be the answer. Then, not even a full month later, my former youth pastor spoke about David and Goliath during a Wednesday night service, and guess what the topic was on? The five stones. My youth pastor spoke about the metaphoric meanings of the stones, which I’m not going to be talking about, but he answered my question when he said, “David didn’t choose five stones because he thought he would miss four times, he chose five stones because he knew that there were four other giants in the camp!” David was not only prepared to fight the giant that was defying and taunting the Israelites, but he was ready to take on the other giants too!


But wait, 1 Samuel 17 never mentions more giants, so where are these additional giants referenced?

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