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Passport to Pinterest Tag


Created & Tagged by Livy at Livy Lynn Blog.

About the Tag-From Livy:

Pinterest is my happy place. My darling boards are sprinkled with puppy dogs, castles, the rainy streets of London, and LOTS and LOTS of pink! Pinterest is such a wonderful place to express yourself, share your personality, and design a visual haven of all the things you adore! So naturally, loving Pinterest as much as I do, I decided to create the Passport to Pinterest (Bloggers Tag!)

As bloggers, I know we’re always brainstorming fun new post ideas. So what could be more fun than mixing your enjoyment of blogging, with your passion for Pinterest?


1. Open your Boards.

2. Open (Or any random number generator website or app of your choosing.)

3. Enter the number of pins on your first board. For example, my first board is “Hair {S T Y L E S}” with 35 Pins. So I typed in the number 35.

4. Click “Generate.” (I got 4)!

5. Find that number pin on your board (I used my 4th).

6. Share the image of that Pin in your new Blog Post, and a little blurb about why it’s important to you!

7. Continue the process with ALL or as many of your boards as you like!

8. Tag another blogger! (Or two, or three…or ten! The more, the merrier! :D)

(Link back to thank the blogger who tagged you!)

Here’s a little peek into my Pinterest!

Hair {S T Y L E S}


I absolutely adore red hair and this color is my goal! My current hair color is very similar to this, but it’s not quite this pristine.



Just cool

I love color and patterns, so this board is where I put the pictures that I love to stare at and also some other things that are “just cool”. This particular picture just makes me happy 🙂

Book Awesomeness

Book awesomness

Because what book worm doesn’t have a book related Pinterest board? This one cracked me up!

Writing Inspiration~Places 

Writing Inspiration

This board doubles as my writing inspiration AND the places I would love to visit. This place stirs so many magical stories up in my imagination, I imagine a dragon flying above, some mermaids, sunken treasure, and a couple of children standing on the shoreline waiting for an adventure.

Gorgeous Car Pics


To say that I have a thing for beautiful cars, is a huge understatement. And this Mini is quite possibly one of my favorites *heart eyes*.

La La Land

la la land

Yes, I have a Pinterest board for La La Land. It is my favorite movie (not even kidding), and this picture is one that will probably end up framed in my house. Exquisite.



I’m one of those that will pick out a pair of shoes and THEN find an outfit to wear with them. Aren’t these absolutely darling?!



What a board to follow up the shoes with?! Maxi dresses are my most favorite things to wear, too bad I’m too short to wear half of them 😛

My Perfect Home


Every girl probably has a board for what will make her house a home, and this IDEA, is one that I certainly love. The style of it would probably look much different in my house, but I love the use of this space!

Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling 

gosling stone

I already mentioned that La La Land is my favorite movie, so of course I have an additional board for pictures of these two outside of that movie. Plus, they play in two other movies together (Crazy, Stupid Love and The Gangster Squad) so the pictures of them are plentiful ❤

Snow White Retelling-Title To Be Announced


This board is where I am drawing my inspiration for my Snow White Retelling for the Rooglewood Fairy Tale Contest! Above you see how I envision one of my characters to look, though I can’t tell you who because that would be quite a spoiler 😉 Though, I will tell you that she is not human, she is a hologram. (Definitely check out my board to get a feel for the genre of the Snow White twist I’m writing!)

Now for the Tags:

If I tag you and you don’t have Pinterest…..


I’m just kidding, if you don’t have Pinterest, then you may disregard this tag, though Pinterest is quite fun!

Aerykah- Expressions of Me

Courtney- The Green Mockingbird

Rissi- Finding Wonderland

Mandie- Mandie’s World

Sarah- Forever Aspiring Writer 

Valerie- For a Thousand Words

Hallie- Hallie Sadler

Sofia Marie- Teens Live For Jesus

If I didn’t tag you, feel free to take the tag and drop the link to your post here in comments! I’d love to see your Pinterest boards!

7 thoughts on “Passport to Pinterest Tag”

  1. Hey, Rayleigh!! What a fun tag. Gotta love discovering new tags since they are one of my favorite things to put together on the blog. So good to hear from you (via Blogger). I appreciate your kind words AND the tag – thank you!

    Love the “La La Land” love. That’s one of my favorites, too (bittersweet end and all), though I haven’t re-watched it yet – *gasp*

    *high five* for auburn hair! Mine is from L’Oreal, but I’ve colored it a deep auburn for several years now and still love it. 🙂

    1. You’re so welcome! I took a lengthy hiatus from the blogging world, but I’m hoping to plug back in to read and comment more often on others’ blogs!

      Oh goodness! You must re-watch it! I’ve seen it about 20 times already and was able to see it live in concert, with an orchestra playing the soundtrack-COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

      Auburn hair for the win!

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