Pursue Magazine Article

Just Do It: Accomplishing What You Don’t Want to Do



Nike has probably one of the best slogans. It’s motivational. Commanding. Encouraging. And it is one of those phrases that we tell ourselves anyways, especially in the health and exercise category. It captures the attitude of the moment, the “I really don’t want to, but I know the end product will be worth it, so just do it”.


I’ve found myself applying that phrase to other aspects of my life though. Not just when I try to get motivated to work out, go for a run, or eat healthy.


As I study for college, mumbling “just do it” instead of reading or watching Netflix, has been why  I’ve finished. Getting my word count in each day seems to drag on forever sometimes. But after I just do it, I don’t feel as stressed as I would have had I not pushed myself through.


There are only two things that I want to mention in order to encourage you to just do some things that you may be putting off.



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