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Writing Emotion With Music

I was asked to be a guest “speaker” for Naomi’s online writing conference, Inkling to Write, last week, and I’d love to share the article I wrote for her! Be sure to check out her other guests as well, they each had some wonderful writing advice (especially with NaNoWriMo going on!).


Writing Emotion With Music

My favorite books in the whole world are the ones that made me cry. Books that make me feel my heart breaking for the characters, books that cause me to laugh out loud, books that make me feel as if I were in the book.

Being a writer, my dream is to be able to capture an emotion with the intensity to make the reader feel it. I don’t want to just tell them that my main character feels as if she is going to fall apart, I want them to feel it for themselves. The way I’ve accomplished this is through music.

Music plays the biggest part in incorporating emotion for me because music itself portrays emotion from the artists. I’ve always been told that writers should write from their own experiences, but what if what we are writing has never been experienced? Should we just leave it out of the story? I don’t think so, some things really are necessary to complete our plots.

So I go to songs. I figure that if we can feel it through the song, because music really is powerful, then we’ll start to feel it in our writing too. I’ve witnessed improvement in the emotion in my characters as I listen to certain genres of music so I’d love to share some of those tracks with you! Maybe they can help you as you write your next scene too!

Battle/Fight Scenes

I write a lot of fantasy and dystopian so I come across the need for battles, wars, and plenty of fights in my stories. To get the adrenaline going for these intense scenes I always have movie soundtracks playing. If those songs are able to capture the ferocity of a war for a movie, then of course it can fuel the tension for our writing! I listen to these when I’m writing any scene that needs tension, so even arguments between dear friends have an epic soundtrack! Some of my favorites are:

  • Ben-Hur (Original Motion Picture Score)-The best songs being Chariots of Fire and Brother vs Brother, both are almost 5 minutes long so they should get you through that scene!
  • Pacific Rim Soundtrack from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary PicturesThe top two being Pacific Rim and Cancelling the Apocalypse.
  • Drop That– Jacob Plant (’s from the adorable cartoon Home, but it’s so good!)

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