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End of the Year Blues: 3 Ways to Beat Those Goals

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to write a blog post for Kayla on her blog, Kingdom Writer, and with November coming to a close, I’d love to share that post with you all as well! Don’t miss the article that Kayla wrote for me as well, The Eternal Hope of Jesus.


With the end of 2017 nearing, and the year seeming to speed up as we approach that end, it’s easy to lose heart in the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year that have yet to be accomplished. After all, we’ve had all year to complete that goal, so how could we possibly cross that finish line triumphantly with less than 10 weeks of the year left?

One goal of mine (in fact, it’s been my “New Year’s Resolution” for the past 4 years) is to finish my novel, A Queen is Knighted. Unfortunately, the first half of the year slips by without much motivation and then summer happens, I just can’t seem to focus during the summer months, and before I know it, it’s November and I’ve only added a few chapters. Usually, I just give up and say “Guess I’ll try again next year.”

But, this year, instead of being disgruntled and wondering how I could have let an entire year slip by, I’ve decided to make these last 2 months count. And I encourage you not to lose hope in a goal that you have yet to meet either, because the year isn’t over yet!

Here are some of the ways I’ve combated those “end of the year blues”:

1. Don’t be willing to quit!

It’s so easy to do as I’ve always done and say “I guess I’ll just try again next year”, but DON’T!Trust me, a lot can be accomplished in 2 months, and if we’re willing to hang it up and leave it for next year, then not only are we not accomplishing that goal, but we’re also keeping ourselves from setting a new goal. Don’t be willing to quit, fight it, because you can most certainly do it!


{Continue Reading on Kingdom Writer} 


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