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Fearless Adventure: Encouragement For Setting Your 2018 Goals


I don’t know about you ladies, but 2017 was a rough year for me. There were so many changes in my life, so much stress, and so many tears and heartache; it was just not a great year. But amidst all the negativity that made the year overall terrible; there were friends made and strengthened, moments of smiling and laughing, and even some goals smashed.


Sometime last year I wrote an article with the focus on David and Goliath, and how this story can inspire us to reach beyond our goals; and you can read that article HERE. But sometimes, actually setting a goal seems impossible.


And I know, there will be many, many articles published on many, many blogs throughout January, where everyone is so focused on setting goals, encouraging others to set goals, sharing their goals with you and so forth, and it can be extremely overwhelming. It’s easy to feel like the goals you choose aren’t high enough compared to others or even that setting a goal is cliché and that by setting one, you’re just following the crowd.


But let me encourage you today! I’m not going to tell you how to set a goal, which goals to set, or even recommend goals that think would benefit you; today, I simply want to encourage you to breathe and reflect on this upcoming year.

1. Setting a goal is about you, not anyone else.


It’s easy to want to quickly choose something you’d like to accomplish, share it on social media, reply to all the comments that your friends will make and then, completely forgetting about it come February.


There is nothing wrong with this! Whatever you post may really be something that you’d like to accomplish, but is it something that is important enough to write down, find scriptures for, and to believe God for over the course of this year? If you decide to set a goal for 2018, think about what you want or what you want God to do in your life. And take some time to decide on it, it doesn’t have to be decided ON JANUARY 1st!


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