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#Drachtober-10/1-Personal Favorite Dragon


Today, we’re kicking off #Drachtober with my Personal Favorite Dragon: Bridger.

One Realm BeyondNow, Bridger is a shapeshifting dragon from a young adult fantasy series that is not very popular: The Realm Walkers series by Donita K. Paul. And if I’m being honest, I don’t even remember liking the series itself very much, but Bridger has followed me into my adulthood and he has, by far, remained my favorite dragon.

What about Bridger is so special? He’s sarcastic, funny and a practical joker! Bridger is a companion dragon for the main character, but he’s not like most companion dragons in the series which can only shapeshift into 3 or 4 specific things. Bridger’s uniqueness comes from his limitless shapeshifting abilities, and rather than being useful with his rare gift, he prefers to play practical jokes by shifting into extremely random objects; such as the hay bale he is disguised as when we first meet him. In fact, the day Cantor and Bridger meet is more than likely my favorite scene in the entire series. So, so funny.

This is not actually Bridger, but it’s how I imagined him 🙂 Photo Cred: Pinterest.

Bridger is also powerful and caring. Even though he is generally a funny character, he is also extremely devoted to Cantor, Bixby, and Dukmee’s mission to save the realms. He is a fierce friend and has no problem putting any of his companion’s needs before his own.

And I think that’s why he is my favorite dragon; he is not the stereotypical, commandeering, all powerful, dangerous dragon that we would assume him to be (those dragons are definitely awesome though!). He is just a very memorable and likable dragon.

So who is your favorite dragon? Have you “met” Bridger before? Are your opinions of him the same as mine or different? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! I’ll be back tomorrow with the next prompt!


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