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A Rant On Christian Entertainment; And Why We Should Support It.

Christian Entertainment

Most of you who know me, probably know that I am not one to rant on the internet, so I’m sure my title grabbed your attention and that’s why you’re here. If that’s the case, mission accomplished 😉

But seriously, I do have a few things to say about Christian Entertainment that’s been on my heart for years, but especially heavy over the past few months. To begin with, by Christian Entertainment I mean books, movies, music, and TV shows (etc.), that were made to either represent Biblical values or share Christ. And by rant, I don’t mean that I’ll be ranting about how bad it is as I’m sure you may have assumed. Why did you assume that I’d be speaking negatively about it? Well, that’s the point of this post.

All we see on social media anymore about Christian Entertainment is what’s wrong with it. Why we shouldn’t watch it, why it’s not aligned with God’s Word, what it could do to harm Believers, how it’s giving a bad name to Christians, etc etc etc. But can I just say something that is apparently with the minority here?

The people who seem most against Christian content is not the World. To me, it seems to be other Christians.

God's_Not_DeadWhen God’s Not Dead came out, I was so excited to get all my Christian friends together to go see it. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when very few of my Christian friends even showed interest in the movie. In fact, I believe that if my youth group hadn’t planned a movie night, most of my friends would have never watched it. But you know, when the Avengers movie came out, everyone was in line for that one. Now that’s not to bash my friends, but it made me question some things.

Why don’t Christians support Christian movies? Why do Christians pick up The Hunger Games, Divergent, or whatever the latest popular YA novel is, instead of Christian YA? Why do Christians know all the latest pop hits, but have never heard of any Christian artists besides TobyMac or Newsboys?

Should I even bring up The Shack? Man. With how Christians acted when this one The Shackcame out, one would have thought it was trying to convince people to worship the devil. Not reflect the characteristics of God in a unique and abstract way (and I am going to point out that it’s fiction). I saw more hate posts from Christians about The Shack in 2 months than I have in my whole life seen posts of Christians speaking out against Twilight, for example. In fact, I’ve seen more Christians who are defending Twilight than I see them defending The Shack. Now, I have no opinion of Twilight, seeing as how I’ve never read it, but I’m trying to give some perspective to what I said earlier about Christians being more against Christian entertainment than anyone else.

Amongst the FlamesI watched a YouTube rant today from a girl who was bashing Christian Romance novels as a whole. Her main argument was that it gives women a false view of how Christian men act in relationships; it gives them too high a standard for men. Why does this only apply to Christian Romance, not romance as a whole? I mean surely women are getting the wrong ideas of how men should act in books like The Notebook too right? But here, this girl is saying that avoiding Christian Romance because it will give women too high a standard in men, is more reasonable than avoiding Secular Romance, which may give all kinds of other ideas about men.

Her video had 52 thousand likes on YouTube. That means that 52 thousand people agree with her. There were only 243 people who disagreed.

I get what she meant by it, I really do. Yes, Christian novels seem to have these perfect male heroes. Yes, this can cause women to set their standards too high. But can we just stop, and look at what we’re doing and listen to what we’re saying as a Christian body?

We are demoting the Christian movement and promoting the secular entertainment! Yes, there may be flaws in our Christian content, but have you considered the fact that that may be because we are flawed human beings? If we were perfect, there would be no need for a Savior! So, if we can readily accept that WE aren’t perfect and that we ARE in need of a Savior to redeem us, why are we so against the content that shares Him?

Why are we so quick to criticize what could impact someone’s life and bring them to the Lord?

Things made by humans are always going to have flaws, that’s a fact. But hey, at leastI can only imagine someone is trying to share the Gospel with their gift. Someone is trying to reach those who don’t know Him. Someone knows what this world needs and is doing the best that they know how to bring His love into the equation, so others can see it illustrated in something they can maybe relate to.

Just because a movie or a book lacks the fancy, deep, theological messages or words, doesn’t mean it deserves to be boycotted. If we protest everything in Christian Entertainment due to the minor flaws it may have, we’re going to look up in a few years and wonder why there’s no Christian market at all. There will be no Christian movies, no Christian books, and no Christian music.

Christian Entertainment is already so small, and we’re making it even smaller with our hasty boisterous voices of protest. We don’t have to “love” every movie, but we don’t need to be quick to hate them either. So instead of looking for everything negative in the next Christian movie or book, why don’t we focus on the positive? Let’s share, instead of what might be debatable, what was done really well in the movie or book? And when we notice the flaws, because there will be flaws, let’s ask ourselves “Are they major enough to cry out against and keep people from potentially missing out on a revelation of God?”

The Christian market is either going to grow with our support and reach where we ourselves may never go, or it’s going to shrink and diminish completely, making the world an even darker place. As Christians, I would really hope that our goal is to help it grow.

Here are some recently released and upcoming Christian movies you can support!

I Can Only Imagine- Released March 16, 2018

Paul, Apostle of Christ- Released March 18, 2018

God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness- Released March 30, 2018

Indivisible – Release Date: October 26, 2018 (Watch Trailer)


The Prayer Box – Release Date: October 30, 2018 (limited theaters): Watch Trailer

Prayer Box

The Pastor- Release Date TBA (Estimated Fall 2018)

The Pastor

Play the Flute – Release Date TBA (Estimated 2019)

Play the Flute

7 thoughts on “A Rant On Christian Entertainment; And Why We Should Support It.”

  1. Rayleigh, I must admit I tend to be one of those who can spend my time critiquing and nitpicking. While there are some movies in the area of Christian entertainment I may still keep my stance, you have provided a lot of food for thought. Some of the points you make both convicted and humbled me. I thank you for that.

    1. I’ve caught myself picking at movies too, but I think it’s just a reaction most of the time! And I do think taking the values and messages presented in movies back to the Bible to validate it against God’s Word is a good habit to be in! And I would agree with you that there are some movies that blatantly go against everything the Bible represents, but those really are few and far between. I really appreciate you reading and commenting 🙂

  2. Rayleigh, Very true and inspiring words. Thank you for having the courage to write them!! Those that know me, know that I am a stickler for the TRUTH! (Jesus said ‘I am the Way, The Truth and the Life’. Joh_14:6) Jesus is Truth, so sometimes when I consume Christian entertainment I cringe in my Spirit at some of the things I see portrayed as Christian behavior, but as you have rightly stated Christianity is full of flawed people, hopefully striving to be like Jesus but experiencing setbacks along the way. (1Jn 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.) When we look at the world of entertainment today, we see that this (“Christian entertainment”) is the only Light that shines from that dark world. It may not be the purest light but it is the only light shining from what is otherwise a dark place and we as people who are supposed to be carriers of the Light should not try to put that light out.
    I feel sorry for the girl on YouTube and her 52,000 followers that are willing to lower their expectations of men. They are willing to settle for less than God wants for them.

    1. Precisely! You summed that up very nicely!
      And I believe that the girl in the YouTube video, in her heart, really meant well. She had very strong points that I’d agree with as far as setting one’s standards in relationships based on those in Christian romance novels, but her entire argument was flawed. She was only focused on that one aspect and didn’t think about what she was really saying or how it could impact the viewer’s support of faith based entertainment.

      Thank you so much for reading and for your insightful words!

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