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About the BLOG:


This is the special little corner of mine that is used for the purpose of encouragement. As my tagline states, We Were Made to Accelerate His Movement, it is here to build up and refresh the readers who stop by.

I post many thought provoking and inquisitive articles that I write, but I also like to post short-stories. The short-stories are quite a variety of genres, however, I am aware of my generally young audience and everything is clean in content and without profanity.

Occasionally I link back to my book reviewing website (Literature Approved), announcing giveaways and such, but I try to keep these to a minimum. I am also looking into a few guest posts from my fellow bloggers as well as featuring a few blogs that I recommend to my followers.

About ME:


My name is Rayleigh and I am a graduate from homeschool. Writing has been a passion of mine from a very young age and I still laugh at the notebooks I find from when I was 6, containing the words “Once upon a time”. I’ve technically written and completed 2 books; one a biography of Mark Twain of which was penned when I was in 6th grade, and the other a documentary of Canines (complete with illustrations), of which I believe was penned during my 8th grade year. But, I will probably never get these published, at least not without some serious editing 🙂

I am currently working on my novel, A Queen is Knighted, in hopes of seeing it in print soon, and already have many ideas for sequels. In addition to writing here, my website, and my book, I also have a column in the online magazine for teen girls, PURSUE. My column is titled, Tap Into Your Potential, and its goal is to help girls learn more about themselves and embrace who they are. I am also the Web Manager and Editing Intern for Pursue Magazine.

If you’re interested in checking out PURSUE; click the image below.

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Also, if you enjoy reading and are always in search of new books of authors, feel free to check out Literature Approved!

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35 thoughts on “About”

  1. Rayleigh, thanks for following our blog. Last year was our first and it really took off and did a lot of author interviews and book giveaways and book reviews. But this year I just haven’t had much time to devote to it. I hope one day I’ll get back to doing more stuff like last year instead of just posting free or discounted e-books.

    I love your blog and your ambitions to become a writer. I can’t wait to read your first novel!!! I’m very impressed with you and your blog.

    God’s blessings!

    1. Haha! I know! Hank is awesome! My stories are under the page titled All of Chess’s Stories if you want to read them. Sadly, life has bombarded me with all kinds of new writing assignments, so I haven’t been able to write any more of Chess….:-(

  2. Hi Rayleigh. Found your blog through another blog I found on twitter. It’s like a never ending circle of links. Just wanted to say I think the fact that you found your calling in life to be a writer at such a young age is wonderful. Best wishes in all your writing.

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Hi Rayleigh,

    I love your blog! We have so many books in common on our reviewed or to-be-read lists. I can’t wait to read your reviews and see your blog evolve. I was an English major and have a Master’s degree in professional writing. Good luck with your writing aspirations and goals! If you’d ever like to talk about writing or the English major, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.


    1. Aaaaa…I’m honored that you like my blog 🙂 I will definitely keep you in mind for questions as I get closer to college, as I’m am sure that I will have many, many questions 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Hi Rayleigh! I’ve nominated your blog for the Sunflower Blogger Award! My post:
    Thank you so much for dedicating your time to make your blog be an inspiring and encouraging tool in my life! Your faithful follower, stay blessed! -Virginia Esther. 🙂

    (I didn’t know if the Sunshine and the Sunflower award are in the same category. I dunno.) 🙂
    You’re not obligated if they are indeed the same award or you don’t feel led.It’s up to you! 😉

    1. Thank you so much!!! I have been nominated for the Sunflower Award before but I enjoy answering questions and everything so I will probably participate! Thank you again and I am glad that I have helped you!

    1. Wow….I’m very surprised that you are asking me that!! I have never done a guest post before so I really don’t know. My life is really crazy right now as well so I am not going to promise anything, but I am not saying no either. What exactly would you like me to write about should I say yes??? I am very honored that you are asking! Thank you for stopping by as well 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Samantha! Yes WWII fiction is fabulous! Do you have any favorites from this genre? So far my two favorites are The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron and Thief of Glory by Sigmund Brouwer, both amazing!

  5. Wow!! 😀 🙂 I want to read your stories inspired by the ‘hank the cowdog’ books!! 😀 Woow! I love your blog!! 😀 That’s great that you Serve Christ!! I love the name of your blog as well! 😀 That’s why I checked it out! 😉 😀 😛 Bye! Oh, do you have any animals of your own? I have 15! 😉

    1. Hey K.A! Hank the Cowdog was always one of my favorite series so I’ve always had fun writing my Chess stories! I’d love for you to check them out 🙂 Thank you 🙂 and I do have quite a few animals, a horse, a pony, 2 labs, and about 15ish chickens…(I haven’t counted in a while lol). But that’s pretty awesome that you have 15! What all are they?

      1. Hi!! 🙂 😀 Cool!! That sounds so neate! 🙂
        Ooooh COOOL!!! 😀 🙂 That’s so neat!!
        Umm let’s see: A Border Collie, a Quarter Horse, 2 Hermit Crabs, 4 fish, and … 7 chickens!! 😀 🙂 They’re great!!! 🙂 My horse and dog are especially neat!! 😀 And we have a BUNCH of baby animals now too!! 😀 Not that I own specifically, but still!!! 😀 We have..3 baby horses, 5 baby goats, and 4 puppies!!! 🙂

        1. Oh my goodness! We used to have a lot of goats and they are such fun! Especially when they’re so little! Aw I’ve never had a hermit crab but they are so cool looking 🙂 Baby animals really are the best 🙂

          1. 😀 Cool! Yes they are!! 🙂 Thanks! 😀 They are pretty neat! Baby animals are GREAT!!! 😀 Especially horses! 😉 And puppies…XD I can’t stop smelling (yes i know, weird) the puppies when I hold them! 😛

  6. Hey there, Raleigh! I found you off of Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes from CWWC. I’m your teammate on Half-Bloods! 🙂
    I just want to say that I love your blog!
    I also really like how you have stories based off Hank.
    That’s literally my childhood right there. 😊
    And free books?? How awesome is that! 😀
    Anyways, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and can’t wait for more. 🙂
    ~ Suzy

    1. Hey Suzy! I’m so glad you stopped by and yay for Half-Bloods! Thank you; and yes, Hank sums up my childhood too…in fact I still read them every now and then!
      Yes, the free books are pretty amazing!
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment!

  7. I smiled when you said that you laughed when you found your old notebooks containing stories from when you were 6, because I made and wrote a book when I was 7 about a girl named Cookie who loved baking cookies, and whenever I find it in a drawer I always laugh at it 🙂
    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

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