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Learning How to Lead: Guiding a Bible Study

  “Would you like to lead a Bible study this month?”   This question is one that will either excite us tremendously, or strike instant fear into us, or sometimes both. Attending a Bible study is one thing, but leading? That’s huge and it comes with major responsibilities. Our immediate reactions might be “I’ve never… Continue reading Learning How to Lead: Guiding a Bible Study


Please Help Improve Literature Approved!

Even if you’re just a part-time reader of Literature Approved, I would really appreciate your feedback!

Literature Approved

A new year means new beginnings for many, many people, so I would love to extend that onto Literature Approved by asking you, faithful readers, to take a few minutes of your time to answer the following polls. They are simple, multiple choice questions that I’ve made to help Literature Approved continue to be the site that you come to for reviews! I’m sure that you’re all very busy so I understand if you can’t answer all of them and I appreciate, in advance, each and every answer you may provide!

Thank you so much for your contributions to bettering this site!

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Guest Post, Something to Think About

Being a Receiver and Hearing God’s Voice; Guest Liz Newsom

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the life decisions we have to make as a teenager? Like who we’re supposed to date, what we’re supposed to major in, where we should go to college, or what career we’re going to have? The decisions we make now, as a teenager, can determine our life’s course… Continue reading Being a Receiver and Hearing God’s Voice; Guest Liz Newsom

Something to Think About

A Tree’s Revelation to the Meaning of Faith

What once started as the tiny seed in the palm of a child's hand, has now grown into the sturdy, dependable tree that now holds the grown child in it's branches. Trees have always fascinated me; all plants have really. I love studying the way that that tiny seed grows. The way the leaves unfold… Continue reading A Tree’s Revelation to the Meaning of Faith


Fans of Goodreads and Instagram!

My two favorite social medias blending together?!?!?!?!?!?! YES PLEASE! Check it bookish fans 😉

Literature Approved

I have a bookish app recommendation for those of you who love Goodreads and Instagram! This app is called “Litsy” and I’ve only had it for a day and already I love it! It’s set up a lot like Instagram yet it has many of the same features as Goodreads does (shelves, opportunities to post quotes, reviews, and blurbs, all with some cool pictures of your favorite photogenic books). It is for a mobile device (you can’t access your account from a laptop) and only available on the Apple Appstore currently but I assume that they are working on making it available to Android users as well.

I made myself an account and a lot of the publishers that I review for are joining it so I imagine that it will get decently big very quickly and may become a lead competitor for Goodreads (which I still use). It’s super fun…

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