Writing Stuff (My Current WIPs)

I consider myself a writer and though I’ve only actually completed short stories, I have a few books that I am hoping to one day see in print. Here is where I will post links to the stories I’ve posted on my blog (my most frequent are my Chess stories, which are short stories inspired by Hank the Cowdog) as well as book scene clips and my writing tips. I also illustrate Biblical truths with short stories so those will be listed here as well.


A Queen is Knighted

The Machine

Talent’s Flight

Worse Than an Alien (Entered in challenge 8 for CWWC 2016)

A Day in the Life of Chelsea Part 1 (Entered in challenge 1 for CWWC 2016)

A Day in The Life of Chelsea Part 2 (entered in challenge 3 for CWWC 2016)

A Day in the Life of Chelsea Part 3 (entered in challenge 5 for CWWC 2016)

The Nameless Hero Part 1 (Entered in challenge 2 for CWWC 2016)

The Nameless Hero Part 2 (entered in challenge 4 for CWWC 2016)


Embracing the Sunrise: Become Who God Has Created You to Be

Tap Into Your Potential by Understanding Your Identity

The Journey to Passion: Discovering What You Love to Do

Learning How to Lead: Guiding a Bible Study

The Seven Question Test: Understanding Why You Have THAT Passion

How to Achieve Your Goals by Reaching Higher: An Example From King David

Draped in Colors: How to Remind Yourself that You Are Loved


#1-Connecting Your Characters to a Good Story

#2-Get a Music Playlist!

BIBLICAL ILLUSTRATIONS (note: these are also blog posts, so not all of them are completely stories) 

A Common Question


Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl (Part 1)

Chess and Cody Meet the Neighbor Girl (Part 2)

Chess and the Fluffy White Ball

Chess Goes to the Zoo

Chess’s Re-encounter With Princess Pea

Chess’s First Preparation for Thanksgiving(!)

Chess’s Second Thanksgiving Preparation

Chess’s Third Thanksgiving Preparation

Chess Gets Buried in the Snow!

How Chess Met Cody

Chess and the Overdose of Coffee


9 thoughts on “Writing Stuff (My Current WIPs)”

    1. Lol well I hope you enjoy them! And yes, The Overdose of Coffee is one of the most popular ones 🙂 That one and the Fluffy Ball 🙂 I’m not sure which is my favorite though…

      1. I’m sure I will!!! 🙂 😛 Haha! Hehe! 😛 😀 🙂 I found your blog cause I saw that you were in CWWC!! 😀 I am toO! 😉 But not on your team. :/ 😛 🙂 Thanks SO much for following my blog!!! 😀 🙂 Have you ever read the Ranger’s Apprentice books??

        1. Yes CWWC has been pretty fun so far! Which team are you on? And you’re very welcome, thank you for following mine 🙂 I don’t think so, in fact I’m not sure I’ve even heard of them….

          1. Yes it has!! 😀 Uhh…let me think…XD 😛 umm, I THINK I’m on Keepers! 😉 😛 No problem!! 😀 🙂 Oh. They’re pretty good! 🙂 A tiny bit violent, and not Christian books, sadly. :/ 😉

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